Yoga and Your Hidden Soul Power is an inspired and rich resource for anyone interested in understanding how yoga can change your life ––whether you are a raw beginner or advanced practitioner. I loved reading it! Its pages weave a soothing tapestry of timeless wisdom, personal stories, exercises, caring and authoritative guidance. This book is a wonderful offering for anyone wanting a better life.

Rod Stryker

Founder of Tantra Yoga Alchemy

A rich blend of history, spiritual teachings, personal stories, meditation techniques, and practical worksheets, Yoga and Your Hidden Soul Power by Glenn Ballantyne & Bobby Hart is a very readable and thought-provoking overview of a 5,000-year-old spiritual tradition. Invoking the wisdom of ancient practices and techniques, the authors offer a metaphysical alternative to our technology-ridden world of distraction, anxiety, stress, and depression.

Jim Strain

Hollywood Screenwriter

Yoga and Your Hidden Soul Power brings yoga’s ancient Niyama teachings to a practical and modern-day relevance. It’s a masterful flow between information, beautiful art, and personal stories creating inspiration to act and thrive.

Nid Ra

Soul Aligned Business Consultant

Yoga And Your Hidden Soul Power is a beautifully written and colorfully illustrated book. The authors have walked their talk and with a personal touch and made beneficial Niyama information easy and entertaining. 

Kelly Haggerty

Author, Medical Intuitive

Yoga and Your Hidden Soul Power offers fresh and intelligent insights on ancient wisdom. It’s a necessary read for accurate and timely advice on how to release stress and gather more joy and better health for mind, body, and soul.

Melonie Seal

Ayurveda Practitioner, Yoga Teacher

Yoga and Your Hidden Soul Power is a brilliant and profound guide through Yoga’s often overlooked Niyamas. I’m recommending this book to my patients because they will find proven and simple practices to become more involved with their own healing.

Dr. Sarah Housman


Yoga and Your Hidden Soul Power is a treasure of a book! The authors have not only explained, in a practical manner, the 5 Niyamas, but, more importantly, they share personal stories of how the power of the teachings have manifested happiness, balance and love in their own lives. 

Judge Victor Reyes

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Prison Yoga Facilitator

The Niyamas were secret teachings but now, in plain English, we are shown how they can be applied to the practical challenges of modern life. They are the keys to success spiritually and in the marketplace. 

Anthony Bogart

Author, International Yoga Teacher

Yoga and Your Hidden Soul Power solved my problem of feeling no access to my soul. I was instantly pulled in with its light and airy approach and gorgeous, colorful graphics. The authors’ personal stories helped me understand the deep meanings and principles of the Niyamas. Ballantyne and Hart did an excellent job of weaving East and West together using their Yoga knowledge and experience.   

Dr. Jill Pollock

Psychologist, Yoga Student

Yoga and Your Hidden Soul Power is full of imagery that I found enhanced my reading experience and helped hold my attention. The instructions are very clear and encouraging, and the worksheets are personal, conversational, and permission-giving. It is improving every corner of my busy, complicated world.

Barbara Arnold

Classroom Teacher, Wife, and Mother

Yoga and Your Hidden Soul Power made me feel like a co-participant in a spiritual journey by creating an understanding why we’re all in this together. It helped me learn things about myself and why I must update my self-image. I found new ways to let go of my old fears and to embrace unseen opportunities.

Heather Yust-Harbor

Massage Therapist, Business Owner

In Yoga and Your Hidden Soul Power Ballantyne and Hart have the gift of storytelling and give examples that clarify why we all have unlimited potential and deserve higher self-esteem.

Cathy Cantrell

Human Resources Manager

Glenn Ballantyne and Bobby Hart's book Yoga and Your Hidden Soul Power is an outstanding guide, using beautiful techniques, for each of us to find our own joy, peace, and contentment. I highly recommend this self-help road map for the soul to anyone seeking a more serene life with greater ease and satisfaction.

Sue Asti Cortesi

Author, Hypnotherapist

Ballantyne and Hart colorfully explain why and how wisdom in the ancient Niyamas is the missing map to finding happiness in our modern lives.  Read this book to learn from two of the best.  It’s a must-read for everyone. 

Ryan Pocius

Sustainable Energy Technology Leader